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Welcome to Beginner Drums! The UK’s favourite online resource for anyone wanting to know how to play the drums! This site is packed full our resources to help you play this awesome instrument.

Online drum lessons

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Online Drum Lessons in the UK

Looking for online drum lessons?

Things have changed a lot over the last 10 years or so. Internet speeds have massively increased, online video has ...
Drum Rudiments - Beginner Drums

Do you need to have a Drum Teacher?

If you're just starting out on drums you're probably asking yourself, "Do I need a drum teacher?". The simple answer ...
Electronic Drum Kit Buyers Guide

First Drum Kit (part 3) – Electronic Kit Buyers Guide

In the last article in this series we talked about an acoustic kit buyers guide for those just starting out ...
Drum Kit Buying Guide

First Drum Kit (part 2) – Acoustic Kit Buyers Guide

In the last article we talked about the pros and cons of an e-kit vs acoustic kit for starting out ...
Acoustic or Electronic Drums

First Drum Kit (part 1) – Acoustic or Electronic Kit?

I’ll cut to the chase straight away then completely contradict myself later on. If you’ve got the space and understanding ...
Gigging an Electronic Drum Kit

Gigging an Electronic Drum Kit – Part 3

In the last article about gigging an e-kit we talked about getting the kit gig-ready - sorting the sounds and ...

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