Simple 3/4 Beats


By now you should have worked your way through most of the beginner level beats. We’re now changing things up a gear and looking at a different time signature. Everything we’ve done up until now has involved counting up to ‘4’ in each bar. Now we’re going to see what happens if we just count up to ‘3’. A 3/4 beat is normally also known as a Waltz. You count up to ‘3’ in each bar instead of ‘4’ and it has a totally different feel to a normal Straight 8’s beat. You’ll need Sheet Music Pack 3 for these exercises.

Time To Work

Simple 3/4 Straight Drum Beats (G1901)

Have a go at these simple 3/4 beats and see how you get on. We start off with quarter note based beats and progress to a faster hi-hat or ride cymbal in exercise 3 onwards:

How to Play SIMPLE 3/4 (Waltz) Drum Beats!
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