Straight 8’s Drum Beats


Straight 8 drum beats often get known as the ‘money beat’ since if you know these then you stand a chance of making some money from playing the drums!

They’re the simplest of all drum beats and generally involve 8 x 8th notes played on the hi-hat or ride cymbal. You then normally have the ‘back beat’ played on beats 2 & 4 on the snare. Finally your bass drum will play a variety of patterns depending on the needs of the music. If you haven’t done so already then now is the time to download Sheet Music Pack 1 which contains printable sheet music for you to work through.

Time To Work

Beginner Beats -- Straight 8’s (BAS009)

Let’s look at some more interesting variations to the beats learned in the ‘First Beat‘ exercises. We’re going to change what the bass drum plays to give the beat a totally different feel.

Beginner Beats - How To Play Straight 8's Feel (BAS009) [19]
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Once you’ve mastered the above exercises you can also try them all using the ride cymbal instead of the hi-hats. These are also really fun beats to play over a backing beat. There are backing beats in the ‘Extras’ section of the site, over here.