More Drum Fills

Looking for some simple drum fills to try out for yourself? Here’s a bunch of exercises for you to have fun with!

What Happens Next?

If you’ve worked your way through ALL of the exercises on this site congratulations and a massive WELL DONE! You’ve worked hard and should now understand the fundamentals of playing the drum kit. A whole world of playing is open to you now. You’re pretty much beyond beginner level now and are ready to move on to more advanced exercises. Here are a few bonus challenges for you:

  • Really work on progressing all of your rudiments, build speed and control of your singles, doubles and paradiddles. REALLY work on your double strokes as these can be the key to unlocking the remaining rudiments.
  • Work through some technique videos such as the Tommy Igoe Great Hands for a Lifetime DVDs – these are awesome for building speed and control behind the kit.
  • Have a go at some more advanced on-line tutoring sites
  • Keep checking back here for extra bonus exercises and material