Double Stroke Rolls


Double Stroke Rolls or Double Strokes or just ‘Doubles’ are one of THE most important rudiments to learn properly on the drum kit. Developing a good technique for playing Doubles will set the foundation for most other rudiments. One of the most common problems I see with intermediate and advanced level pupils who are struggling is since they were never taught how to play good doubles.

Doubles are simply a case of playing two hits with each hand in succession, so:


All evenly spaced and perfectly in time with the metronome. You’ll need Sheet Music Pack 3 if you want to play along with this.

Time To Work

Double Stroke Rolls (G1001)

We’re going to start off VERY slowly to build your coordination and time keeping. Eventually we’ll build up the speed of your doubles to a VERY fast level. Remember though, speed is nothing without control. There’s no point in playing fast doubles if you can’t play them in time.

DOUBLE STROKE ROLL – Beginner Rudiments on the Drum Kit (G1001) [53]

Watch this video on YouTube.

Here we take a special look at why they’re so important and briefly discuss 3 different techniques for playing them:

How to Play Double Stroke Rolls – Beginner's Guide (Part 1 – Overview) [51]

Watch this video on YouTube.