Before You Start Playing Drums

So you want to play drums but you’re not sure where to start? Getting started on drums is a very exciting time! In this short guide I’ll be telling you what you need to think about before you start. Drums are a fantastic instrument but they’re not for everyone and there are some important considerations before you start. One of the most important questions you need to ask yourself is why you want to play drums? There’s a more detailed version of this guide in our Drum 101 online drumming course.

Why do you want to play the drums?

Before you even think about taking up this totally awesome instrument you need to have a long hard think about why you want to play. I’ve taught pupils of all ages and the ones who do well are those who have the right attitude from day one. The ones who give up are those whose hearts have never really been in it.

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The right attitude:

  • I want to challenge myself and become a good drummer
  • I want to play in a band because I love music
  • I just love everything to do with drums and rhythm
  • I’m happy to work hard to become a better drummer
  • I have a plan for where I can put my kit so I can practice without causing noise problems
  • I’m happy to practice on a pad as much as practicing on the real kit

The wrong attitude:

  • I want to play in a band so I can get drunk and hang out with my mates
  • I want to play drums ’cause drums are cool
  • Drums will help me score with him / her / them
  • Drums are an easy alternative to other instruments
  • Favourite drummer? I’m not that bothered about watching the drummer
  • Practice pads aren’t really for me – I’ll just be practicing on the kit

Am I too old to play drums?

No. As long as you can hold the sticks and hit stuff you’re never too old to play drums. I’ve taught pupils of all ages and often it’s the older pupils who have more time to practice and make the fastest progress. So NO, you’re NOT too old – go play! Don’t know where to start? Our online course is a great starting point!

Am I too fat / thin / tall / short to play drums?

What?? No, stop coming up with excuses – go play!

Drums are, like really expensive!

They’re as expensive as you want them to be. Where there’s a will there’s a way. When I started playing I only had a 4 piece kit and I really wanted a 5 piece kit. I didn’t have any money so I took the bottom head off my mounted tom and attached it to an old oil can. I did everything in my power to put a functioning drum kit together for about £100 and back then there was no internet! There really is no excuse now. 🙂

Drums are fun!

Correct. Above everything else, playing the drums should be fun. Whether practicing on a full size kit or on the back of a chair, if you’re not actually enjoying it find something else to do – life’s too short!

Remember you can buy downloadable sheet music exercises from our little shop or when you’re ready to start learning properly sign up to our comprehensive online drumming course aimed at beginners. Happy drumming!

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