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Drum Kit Posture & Foot Technique

It’s really important to learn good technique as early as possible on the drum kit. Remember nothing should ever feel strained or uncomfortable while playing the drums – shape the kit to your body rather than your body to the kit! 

Drum Stool Height

Some drummers play with their stool really low down, some play with it really high up. We’ve got to start somewhere though! Sit on your drum stool with your feet flat on the floor and your legs in a relaxed, slightly apart position. Adjust the height of the stool so your thighs are sloped very slightly downwards while your shins are vertical – so your ankles should be pretty much directly under your knees.


While playing drums you want to stay as floppy as possible – that applies to pretty much every part of your body… apart from your back! Sit up nice and straight and maintain good posture. Sit up nice and straight – keep everything else floppy.

Positioning Your Feet

If you haven’t already set up your kit properly visit this page and watch the video. Assuming you’re playing on a right-handed kit, you’re going to put your left foot on the hi-hat pedal and your right foot on the bass drum pedal.

Left Foot Flat on Hi-Hat Pedal
Left Foot Flat on Hi-Hat Pedal

Want to learn the drums properly?

If you want to know more about drum kit posture and foot technique head over our Drum 101 site. You can follow a full structured training course and online drum lessons to get you started on the drum kit.

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