How to Use This Site


A huge welcome to Beginner Drums! The internet’s favourite web site dedicated to absolute beginners on the drum kit. You’ll get out of this site exactly what you put in to it. If you’re serious about learning the drums then you’ll find all the resources on here to get started. If you skip bits or rush through sections then you might find subsequent parts more difficult. Take it easy and work at your own pace.

This site isn’t intended to replace a good drum teacher, however there are many people in many parts of the world where finding a teacher is almost impossible. Many professional teachers around the world also use the resources on here to supplement their own lessons. All of the sheet music on here is professionally written by experienced and qualified teachers. Please refer to the license agreement on the pack information page.

Difficulty Levels

So that you can see how you’re progressing on the drums, this site uses different ‘level badges’. These are approximately at the same standard as international drum grading systems, although this can vary dramatically by exam board:

Difficulty Levels

Note that progression between the levels above isn’t entirely linear. For example there are some quite important concepts you need to learn in the basics before progressing on to grade 1 material. Likewise there’s stuff in grade 3 that you might find easier than grade 1. So it’s normal to swap and change between some of these levels as we make progress.

How long does it take to learn drums?

Like any instrument, you can pick up the basics fairly quickly but to master it takes a lifetime. As a very rough guide, I would expect most students to progress at roughly this rate:

  • Beginner & Grade 1:  6-12 months
  • Grade 2: 6-12 months
  • Grade 3: 9-12 months

So you can see from the above, it could easily take up to 3 years to progress to around grade 3 level. Obviously this varies depending on a LOT of different factors. For example, how often do you practice? Are you actually doing the exams? Are you a quick learner? Some people just learn more quickly than others, so don’t be discouraged if you find even the absolute beginner stuff quite challenging! If it makes you feel any better, you probably know enough to form a fun band with your friends when you’re at around grade 1 level. In fact most beats in western music use nothing more complicated than the Straight 8s beats taught at absolute beginner level. But to take it beyond that will involve HARD WORK and above all, A LOT OF FUN!

What are the lesson codes?

Throughout the site you’ll see various lesson codes being used, such as BAS007. Don’t panic! These are just for reference to make it easier to search for a particular lesson or piece of sheet music. So for example, if I mention to “download the sheet music with code BAS202” then you can just do a search and find the Sheet Music Pack containing BAS202. You’ll find the code written on the top right hand corner of each piece of sheet music. The first couple of characters of the lesson code tell you the difficulty level:

  • BAS… = Basic or Absolute Beginner Level
  • G1… = Grade 1 level
  • G2… = Grade 2 level
  • G3… = Grade 3 level

I’ve complete a G3… exercise. Am I at grade 3 level?

I’m afraid not! Some things are grade 3 level are quite easy. Some things are very difficult. Once you’ve completed ALL of the exercises at grade 3 level then you can say you’re roughly a grade 3 level drummer and have progressed to beyond beginner level.

Why do I have to pay for the sheet music?

A single drum lesson would cost you more than ALL of the sheet music used on this web site. If you’re genuinely committed to learning how to play the drums then this is a very small price to pay. Thousands of hours of work have gone in to building this resource and it’s used by drum students and teachers across the globe. Now go and play the drums!