All About Memory Locks

Memory locks are one of the most useful yet under-used parts of a drum kit. Find out what they are and how they can make your life easier!

What are Drum Memory Locks?

What are drum memory locks?

Drum memory locks are small metal brackets attached to parts of a drum kit that help you to remember how that part of the drum kit should be set up. They’re simply little clamps, tightened using a drum key, normally attached to cymbal stands and other drum hardware. They come in all different shapes and sizes but almost always tighten using a drum key.

Drum Memory Locks

How do you use memory locks?

Drum memory locks are really simple to use. Start off by loosening them so they can move freely. Then set your stand in the required position. Finally, tighten the memory lock back up so that it rests against the next part of the stand. You never loosen a memory lock once its set up – you just loosen the main stand nut and use the ‘locked’ memory lock as a guide for the stand position.

They often (but not always!) have notches in them to aid with rotational alignment as well as length alignment. Infinitely useful if you often have to dismantle your kit for rehearsals, gigs etc.!