Beginner Beats & Styles (Grades 6-8)


  • Professionally written drum music
  • Grades 6-8 level
  • 25 exercises in total
  • Grade 6 styles covered: 6/8 Afro Cuban, Funk, Samba
  • Grade 7 style covered: Mambo
  • Grade 8 style covered: New Orleans 2nd Line
  • 8 page PDF download


This is an 8 page drum kit exercise pack covering a range of music styles encountered at around grade 6-8 level. All professionally written by a qualified and experienced drum teacher.


What is the Beginner Beats series of exercises?

If you’re looking to challenge yourself beyond grade 3 level these beats will be great for you! When learning the drums, especially for graded exams, there’s an expectation that you understand different styles of music. Although most western popular music does revolve around straight 8th beats, there’s more to drumming life than that! These exercises will open your repertoire to a wider range of styles encountered at around grades 6-8 level – from 6/8 Afro Cuban beats through to sambas and mambos.

The different beats are introduced at a very steady pace, from fairly simple versions of the beat through to much more complex versions for more advanced drummers. So even though these are aimed at grade 6-8 level students many of the exercises are easily playable from grade 3 level and above. It’s generally encouraged to start learning these different styles as early on as possible.

These are ideal exercises to help you through the style recognition and playalong sections of a drum kit exam. They’re also perfect for students not taking exams to help expand their knowledge of different musical styles.


What’s in this drum sheet music pack?

  • Grade 6 level style exercises:
    • 6/8 Afro Cuban
    • Funk
    • Samba
  • Grade 7 level style exercises:
    • Mambo
  • Grade 8 level style exercises:
    • New Orleans 2nd Line
  • 25 exercises in total
  • 8 page PDF download

This pack is aimed at around grades 6 to 8 level.


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