Drum Exercise Pack 4 (Grades 1-3 level)


  • 14 page PDF download
  • Professionally written drum sheet music
  • Grade 1 level exercises
  • Introduction to grades 2 & 3
  • Drum fill xxercises
  • 12/8 feel
  • Basic 2/4 march
  • Dotted notes
  • Basic rhumba
  • Indie rock


This is a 14 page exercise pack covering more grade 1 level exercises. It also give you a brief introduction to grades 2 and 3. All professionally written by a qualified and experienced drum teacher.


What’s in this drum sheet music pack?

  • G1031 to G1036 – Drum Fill Exercises #1 to 6
  • G2901 – Beginner Beats – 12/8 Feel
  • G2902 – Beginner Beats – Basic 2/4 March
  • G3001 – Rhythm & Rests #9 with dotted notes
  • G3901 – Beginner Beats – Basic Rhumba
  • G3902 – Beginner Beats – Indie Rock

This pack is aimed at around grades 1 to 3 level.


How long to complete this pack?

There’s a LOT of information in this one and we’re really ramping things up in terms of complexity. Expect to be working on this for around 8-10 weeks. Don’t forget to continue practicing everything you’ve learned in earlier packs too!


How do I download this sheet music?

Sheet music is in PDF format. Your unique link to download your music is shown on completion of your order and will also be e-mailed to you immediately after purchase. Please download the music within 30 days as the link will expire after that. For security reasons you can download music a maximum of 5 times so please store your own off-line copy after purchase. If you create an account you can also download the music via My Account -> Downloads (within 30 days of purchase). If you have any problems don’t hesitate to get in touch!


License Agreement

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Drum Teachers & Schools

The license agreement is between this web site and the student using the sheet music to learn. As such most teachers get the student to handle the download process directly. Strictly one set of downloads per student. For younger students just ask the parent to download the relevant sheet music packs.