Do I Need a Drum Teacher?

Drum Rudiments - Beginner Drums

If you’re just starting out on drums you’re probably asking yourself, “Do I need a drum teacher?”. The simple answer to this is YES. The slightly longer answer to this is YES, DEFINITELY. Online learning resources (such as Beginner Drums!) are a great ‘addition’ to your practice schedule but online learning will never replace face to face lessons. So isn’t this a slightly strange topic to cover on an online drum lesson website? Continue reading “Do I Need a Drum Teacher?”

First Drum Kit (part 3) – Electronic Kit Buyers Guide

Electronic Drum Set

In the last article in this series we talked about an acoustic kit buyers guide for those just starting out on drums. Now let’s look at e-kits – aka electronic drum sets, electric drum kits, digital drum kits. If you’re not sure which electronic drum set to buy hopefully this will be of some help! Electronic drum kits have been around for a long time but really only became a true competitor to acoustic drums around the turn of the century when Roland started pushing out kits with mesh heads. Continue reading “First Drum Kit (part 3) – Electronic Kit Buyers Guide”

First Drum Kit (part 2) – Acoustic Kit Buyers Guide

Mapex Drum Kit

In the last article we talked about the pros and cons of e-kit vs acoustic kit for starting out on drums. If you’ve opted for your first drum kit to be acoustic, congratulations you’ve made a wise choice! Your first acoustic kit will be an investment you’ll remember forever. I hope you’ve got understanding neighbours and a set of ear defenders! 🙂 Continue reading “First Drum Kit (part 2) – Acoustic Kit Buyers Guide”

First Drum Kit (part 1) – Acoustic or Electronic Kit?

Electronic or Acoustic Drum Set

I’ll cut to the chase straight away then completely contradict myself later on. If you’ve got the space and understanding neighbours buy acoustic drums. You can buy a very nice acoustic kit for the same price as a mediocre e-kit and really nothing compares. The volume, the tone, the feel and the sheer power of an acoustic drum kit is something to behold and it will never be replaced. So if you can get away with the volume, acoustic kits win hands down.

Continue reading “First Drum Kit (part 1) – Acoustic or Electronic Kit?”